Avalanche Bird Feeder

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The Avalanche Bird Feeder is new to the market and features some excellent advantages over many traditional bird feeders.

No Spoilage, our design ensures the feed is protected from rain

No more daily filling, depending on the seasons one fill lasts from 2-6 weeks (e.g. Nesting, with more consumed in Winter). More time to enjoy seeing the birds feeding in greater numbers. It also means you can enjoy a vacation in the knowledge that your birds will still be there when you return. In addition you may experience a wider variety as experienced by all users thus far.

Protected from cats, rodents and larger birds by the built in, removable, guard rail.

Wall or pole mount ready, you can mount up to three units on our optional purpose-built stand.

Easy to clean, cleaning and sanitising the feeder is simplified by the easy removal of interior panels to allow all parts to be thoroughly cleaned in minutes.

A Lightweight Heavyweight, at 2.3kg empty and 3kg with 700g sunflower hearts this large feeder will not easily come down thanks to it’s sturdy engineered frame.

8 feeding points, each feeder has eight feeding points designed to release food in a controlled amount.

Environmentally Friendly, our feeders are 100% recyclable.

3 Year Guarantee, your Avalanche Feeder comes with a 3 year guarantee making it a safer purchase.


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7 reviews for Avalanche Bird Feeder

  1. Bernie Tully

    I purchased the avalanche bird feeders and I must say it does everything it says on the website. It is so easy to fill, clean and food stays dry no matter what the the weather is like. I purchased 3 on a stand. The stand is sturdy and has withstood the storms. No Maintenance. The pleasure this has given to our family watching all the different birds come and feed is so lovely. When we go away on holidays just fill up before we go and no worries as the birds will still be there when we come back. I would fully recommend this feeder. I also purchased the feed which they love and is great value for money.

  2. Pat O’Donnell

    Found the feeder very good feed lasts for three weeks or more feed is always dry very sturdy feeder will last a lifetime highly recommend

  3. Tom Mitchell

    The Avalanche Bird Feeder ticks all the boxes’, easy to use, maintenance free and most important it is extremely safe for the bird’s.

  4. Agnes

    Sturdy, functional and very easy for maintanance bird feeder, I have purchased 3 of them for myself and family members and we all very pleased with them. I highly recommend AVALANCHE Bird Feeders to anyone who loves and enjoys having beautiful bunch of winged friends in its own garden.

  5. Christian

    I would like to recommend this bird feeder, I have bought the Trio Stand along with 2 packs of a birdseeds and since I have mounted it in my backyard plenty of birds flying in everyday for a snack and nap 😉 A joyful view!

  6. Liam Nolan

    Knowing the man whose brainchild the Avalanche was, I was in on the first ones he built. It’s an ingenious and effective device that is user friendly for our winged friends. It even keeps them, as well as their seed, dry when the downpours start. Well done! It deserves to be a success.

  7. Tony Dooley

    The food is kept dry and fresh, you can go away on vacation, because 1 fill lasts for a few weeks, depending on the season. No wastage as ground feeding birds take of this. It is like having your own wildlife program. All with a 3 year guarantee. Very happy with my purchase.

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