A Unique bird feeder for budding ornithologists

The Avalanche Bird Feeder addresses a number of issues associated with traditional bird feeders that cause problems with both the feed and the surrounding area. Using our feeder will save you money on wasted feed and improve the quality of the feed for the birds all while avoiding the mess that is often caused by normal feeders.

Avalanche Bird Feeder Key Advantages

No Spoilage, our design ensures the feed is protected from rain

No more daily filling, depending on the seasons one fill lasts from 2-6 weeks (e.g. Nesting, with more consumed in Winter). More time to enjoy seeing the birds feeding in greater numbers. It also means you can enjoy a vacation in the knowledge that your birds will still be there when you return. In addition you may experience a wider variety as experienced by all users thus far.

Protected from cats, rodents and larger birds by the built in, removable, guard rail.

Wall or pole mount ready, you can mount up to three units on our optional purpose-built stand.

Easy to clean, cleaning and sanitising the feeder is simplified by the easy removal of interior panels to allow all parts to be thoroughly cleaned in minutes.

8 feeding points, each feeder has eight feeding points designed to release food in a controlled amount.

A Lightweight Heavyweight, at 2.3kg empty and 3kg with 700g sunflower hearts this large feeder will not easily come down thanks to it’s sturdy engineered frame.

Environmentally Friendly, our feeders are 100% recyclable, all of the plastic can be recycled and re-used to manufacture new products.

3 Year Guarantee, your Avalanche Feeder comes with a 3 year guarantee making it a safer purchase.

Avalanche Bird Feeder Trio mounted
Avalanche Bird Feeder Trio mounted
3 Feeders with purpose built stand
3 Feeders with purpose built stand

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