A Unique bird feeder for budding ornithologists

About Us

Avalanche bird feeders was born from a passion for birds shared by both Adrian Walsh and Noel McAuley. Adrian, as a keen photographer of birds has spent innumerable hours trying to create a haven for birds in his back garden so that he could enjoy their company.

This passion led to Adrian constantly trying to find better ways to entice birds to his garden, keep them fed and keep them safe. In circa 2016, some 5 years ago, Adrian built his first prototype of the Avalanche Bird Feeder and from then until now he has refined it to address the problems he, and most people, find problematic when keeping their bird visitors comfortable. Adrian began his quest using wood and other materials along with his upholsterer’s skills to create the ideal bird feeder.

Once Adrian got his prototypes up to speed he got requests from friends to build them to the point where Adrian could not produce them for as many people as wanted them. Enter one old friend, Noel McAuley, with his business experience and a shared love of birds. As a team they endeavored to create a product that could be manufactured at at least a modest scale. This led to the birth of the Avalanche Bird Feeder as we present today.

Adrian is still working as a Soccer Coach, despite being retired and as a World Record Holder for 2 footed ball control he continues to try to help players improve their game with simple training techniques. Website: https://mrballcontrol.com . The proceeds of his work in this area goes to charitable causes specifically in the area of Cancer, of which Adrian is a survivor. Adrian has maintained his carpentry and upholstering skills as another passion he enjoys alongside fitness and of course soccer.

Noel is a retired businessman who ran his own business for most of his life until he retired prior to which he sat as a CEO and a Marketing Director during his career. His experience with the trials and tribulations of manufacturing, sales and management proving invaluable to the introduction of the Avalanche Bird Feeder to the market.

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